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Provide a scholarship for a budding performer!

Young performers need opportunities to hone their skills. EVCT offers several performance troupes that we want everyone to be able to access.

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A Message from Karen Rolston, Founding Artistic Director of EVCT:

Ernie and I were involved in music and theatre all our lives. What we learned and gained from our experiences was very instrumental in making us who we became as adults. We found great friends, learned life lessons and found an enjoyable pastime in all the many groups we were a part of. The memories we have and people we met are why we would like our scholarship to be for those kids who have the desire and the passion for performing but perhaps do not have the means to participate. Our scholarship is set up to pay for a portion of the fees needed to be a part of one of the great performance troupes at EVCT. We want to enable some deserving children to reap the same benefits that we felt through the wonderful artistic experiences that happen in Bravo, On the Spot, and Express. We hope you will join us in making this happen for many of our youth.

Karen Rolston

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